Iphone 7 Teardown Reveals Sony Image Sensors

Written by Adrin S

A teardown of the Apple iPhone 7 done recently by patent and technology firm Chipworks reveals that the front and rear image sensors on the new Apple phones are manufactured by Sony. This is not surprising since Sony hasĀ been supplying image sensors for Apple’s earlier iPhone models as well.

The iPhone 7’s rear camera features a 12MP chip with Sony’s Exmor RS technology, a Bayer RGB color filter and on-sensor phase detection. It has a die size of 5.16mm x 6.25mm (32.3mm2) measured from the edges of the die stack.

The front camera now has a larger 7MP sensor and appears to be a second generation Sony Exmor RS measuring 5.05mm x 3.72mm (18.8mm2). Chipworks has not done a teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus yet and it would be interesting to see what a teardown of the flagship model reveals.

For more details on the iPhone 7 teardown, head over to Chipworks.

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