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Meet the New Xiaomi Qi Cycle Folding Bike

Written by Adrin S

Ever since Xiaomi emerged on the world scene with its hugely successful range of smartphones, the company seems to have gone bonkers, designing literally everything under the sun — from table lamps to running shoes.

One of its latest products is a gadget-infused folding bike with built-in motor assistance. Dubbed the Xiaomi Qi Cycle, the bike is powered by a lithium ion battery pack which is capable of producing 250 Watts of power giving a total distance of up to 45km (depending on rider weight). It has a top speed of 20kmh when running on battery alone and can go significantly faster with a rider pedaling along.


The 3-speed Qi Cycle also comes with its own Bluetooth-enabled cycle computer and torque sensor which gives power output readings. Among other things, the cycle computer can display current speed, distance traveled and calories burned. One thing missing though, is GPS. It weighs 14.5kg — not exactly light but it makes up for that by being highly portable thanks to its folding design. Besides the cycle computer, it also features integrated front and rear lights.

If you’re keen on getting one, you can now pre-order the Xiaomi Qi Cycle for $798.98 at Banggood.

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