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iLife v5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Written by Andrew Maxwell

The last few years have seen the use of domestic robots increase dramatically, to the point where we are not surprised to see them mowing our neighbors’ lawns or cleaning their houses. iLife’s latest model, the v5, is a robotic vacuum cleaner which aims to build and improve on the home robot experience.

The v5 is instantly recognizable from its circular shape. Its diameter measures almost 12 inches and it stands at a height of just under three inches. It has its own home – a charging dock, which it is supposed to retire to once its work is done. If, however, you need the v5 to be a bit more mobile, it can always be recharged through a separate charger.

iLife V5 Highlights
  • Automatic Cleaning for home and office (up to 120 – 150 square meters).
  • Three Clean Mode: Auto clean, spot clean, edge Clean.
  • Two Charging Mode: Auto Charge, manual Charge.
  • Daily / Schedule Cleaning Plan Available: Can be set to clean at scheduled times if you are not around.
  • Ten sets OBS sensors, 1 set wall sensor, 5 IR receivers on the body for obstacle avoidance.
  • Three sets cliff sensors at the bottom prevents the robot from falling off stairs.
  • IR remote control with LCD display for easy operation
  • LED lights on body as status indicators.
  • Cleaning Modes: Automatic cleaning, border cleaning, fixed-point function cleaning, scheduled cleaning.

It’s easy to use – a simple button on top of the robot switches it on and LEDs show the remaining battery power. It uses its own proximity sensors to guide itself around the room, sucking up all the dirt underneath it as it goes. Of course, the average room in a home is full of obstacles which get in the way when vacuuming. The v5 will guide itself around these to avoid collisions. There are some types of objects which will occasionally be missed by the robot’s proximity sensors, however. Certain types of chair leg are among the most common of these. In the event that contact is made, the impact is softened by the v5’s rubber shielding. As soon as this happens, the v5 withdraws and adjusts its route. The robot’s sensors also detect steep changes in gradient, in order to prevent it from falling down steps and stairs.

The cleaning mechanism works using two brushes at the front of the robot, which serve to sweep dust and dirt inwards, where they are removed by the suction gate. There is also a mop, which the v5 can use to wet-clean hard floors. This option can be enabled as appropriate. Once the robot is set up, you can program it to clean your home at a certain time each day. It may be convenient for some to tell the robot to clean the house at night, when everyone is sleeping. This is generally not a problem, although at higher suction settings, the v5 may make enough noise to disturb some light sleepers.

As far as vacuuming goes, the v5 is strong enough to clean just as well as any human in open spaces, although it may be worth taking a cursory glance at any areas with awkward access, as it is here, if anywhere, that you might find that stray hair or dust that couldn’t be reached.

With two hours of battery time, the v5 should be able to cope with most homes. If you’re in the market for a robotic vacuum cleaner, this new addition to the market is likely to impress you more than its predecessors. The v5 could, in fact, be the robot which spells the end of vacuuming for humans altogether.

The iLife V5 can be purchased at GearBest for $154.81.

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