Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Sample Images

If you’re into photography and image quality is an important factor when shopping for a smartphone then there is a lot for you to get excited about the new Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus. Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone sports a dual 13MP camera system similar to what you’d find on the Huawei P9 and Honor 8. In a dual camera system, one camera captures color images while the other captures monochrome (black and white) images.

The monochrome camera lacks a Bayer filter which means it is capable of capturing more light. This allows the camera to produce images with more detail and less noise. On the Mi 5s Plus, you can either capture full color images or monochrome images.

When taking color images, the system combines the output of both cameras to enhance the image quality of the final photo. The result — stunning images with rich details and low noise (by smartphone standards) as can be seen in the sample gallery above.

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