Terrorist Attack in France — over Two Dozen Apples Feared Dead or Injured

France seems to be an epicenter of terrorist attacks lately, thanks to several high profile incidents in the past two years. And now a new breed of home-grown terrorists have emerged — tech terrorists. That’s right, now it’s not only people who end up in the hit list for mass killings, the list now includes smartphones and gadgets too!

Recently, a man walked into an Apple Store in France and started smashing up over two dozen Apple devices which were on display. The gruesome event was caught on video by a customer who happened to be at the scene. The man’s “killing spree” went on for about two minutes before mall security appeared and apprehended him. Before the arrival of security personnel, the man can be heard ranting in French. He was then escorted out of the shop and after several minutes negotiating with mall security, attempted to dart away but was unsuccessful.

It is not clear if the man was a disgruntled Apple customer or if he was radicalized by Samsung extremist ideology. French police are currently investigating the case and have refused to comment.


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