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In celebrating the pre-sale campaign of its new C1 phablet, Elephone has teamed up with online retailer in offering special discounts for two of its earlier smartphone models — the P9000 and S3.

The Elephone C1 itself can be pre-ordered at $99.99 at Joybuy and this special pre-sale price will be valid until October 25 after which the price is expected to increase to $139.99. This means ordering a C1 during the pre-sale period will earn you a massive discount of $39!


The earlier Elephone models that are on sale at the site are the P9000 ($179.99) and S3 ($119.99). The discount on the P9000 isn’t much at just $10 but considering that this is one of Elephone’s top sellers (over 1 million sold to date), it’s still a decent discount. The Elephone S3 on the other hand, gets a much bigger $20 discount. It is also one of Elephone’s top selling models and at just $119.99, Joybuy seems to have the best deal for it now. At press time, no other online store is offering the S3 at that price point so if you’re keen on getting one, make sure you do it before October 25.

Click here to find out more about the Elephone sale at Joybuy.

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