New Apple Store Rage Video Surfaces in China

Smashing up Apple Stores seems to have taken off as a trend around the world. Just one month ago, a man in France walked into an Apple Store and proceeded to smash up two dozen Apple devices with a rock. We thought that was the worst ever consumer rage incident in an Apple Store the world has ever seen but now a man in China has decided it’s about time to set a new world record in consumer rage.

A video of the man smashing up at least a dozen Apple products in a fit of rage surfaced yesterday on YouTube. Though the store featured in the video does not appear to be an official Apple Store, it does feature the Apple logo and its products prominently.

In the video, the man who is rumored to be from a wealthy family can be seen confronting the staff at the store starting first at the counter before the video cuts off to a scene where he explains how he was shortchanged by the store. The video then continues with a scene where the man confronts the manager before things escalate and get seriously heated up.

In a bizarre twist of events which makes this incident even more unique than what happened in France, the man’s assistants hand over bundles of cash to the staff as apparent compensation of what’s to come next. He then proceeds to smash up about a dozen smartphones with a hammer on the floor (aided by an assistant) before proceeding to smash the glass displays, service counter and an Apple iMac. It all culminates in a grand finale where he throws the hammer at the store’s glass signage just after leaving it. At the end of the video, he is whisked away by his entourage in what appears to be a Bentley.

Now that’s consumer rage on an epic scale. You just got to love the Chinese. Whenever they do anything, it’s got to be on a grand scale.

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