Bluboo Edge Shows Off Its Strength

Shenzhen tech startup Bluboo continues to enthrall the pubic with news of its latest product, the Bluboo Edge. The attractive device features an eye-catching curved Gorilla Glass 4 display. Usually these displays live up to their reputation for being prone to nicks, but the engineers at Bluboo are keen to change that with the Edge.


The margin of the phone’s display has been thickened, with the aim of making it stronger, and therefore less susceptible to damage. The results are certainly impressive. So much so, that the company has released a promo video showing exactly how much stronger their new phone’s fancy display is (refer to the video at the top of this article).

The video shows the display being hammered by solid iron balls, dropped onto it continuously from a height of 20cm. Rather than shattering or cracking the display, as one might expect, each ball hits the display squarely and rolls, or bounces, off without leaving any marks. The video does a great job of making clear that the thickened display is strong, despite its stylish appearance.


The dual curved design is probably the main selling point of this phone, and therefore it was key to the manufacturer’s marketing strategy that any suggestions of weakness were put to bed right away. It has a 5.5-inch resolution OGS display and a quad core 1.3GHz SoC processor, 256 GB micoSD expansion and runs Android 6.0. The main camera is a 13MP Sony IMX219. Other features include a front fingerprint reader and even a heart rate monitor. Overall it represents great value for money as it enters the presale period.

The Bluboo Edge is available for $139.99 at GearBest.

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