The ILIFE V7S Is a Feature-Rich Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Written by Andrew Maxwell

Although smart robotic vacuum cleaners haven’t been around for all that long, the market is gaining new additions all the time. Consumers can be more discerning than ever, and that is forcing a trend towards more capable and feature-rich robots. The ILIFE V7S fits that trend perfectly. Its larger and more powerful component parts include its powered brush, microfiber towel and two filter systems. It’s physically bigger, too, but retains the smooth, rounded design that has become standard among robotic cleaners.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Features of the V7S

As mentioned, this is a robot which can truly be described as being ‘feature-rich’: it makes use of IR sensors to avoid obstacles and large gaps. Which detected, the robot’s anti-collision system kicks in, helping to protect furniture and other items.


It has four cleaning modes – one specifically for cleaning border areas, concentrated and reserved modes, plus the auto mode, which will enable the robot to make its own decisions about how to clean. It’s also set up for both dry and wet cleaning. It can sweep up dust and dirt into its 500ml dust storage tank, or use a wet mop to clean the floor, using its 250ml water storage tank. As its name suggests, it’s also capable of vacuuming.


As with other smart robots, the V7S knows to take a break when it starts to feel tired. As power diminishes to critical levels, the robot will return to its charging station and replenish its batteries. A full recharge after 2 hours 20 minutes cleaning, takes five hours.

You can use it to clean your home at night, without it bothering you – the V7S has a maximum decibel output of 60dB. Simply pre-program the cleaning instructions and schedule you want the robot to follow, or start it up using the remote control.

What Sets It Apart from the Competition?

Perhaps the main attraction of this robot is that it can clean various types of mess without struggling. Anything from cigarette butts, dust and ash, to spilled food and liquids, can be cleaned up using a combination of various settings. These, plus the robot’s innate power, make it an effective cleaner.


It can operate well on various surfaces, and doesn’t make much noise at all. It is quiet enough to allow you and your family to get to sleep, while the robot is busy at work. Should someone decide to get up in the night, they needn’t be too concerned about tripping over the robot – upon sensing your presence, it will change direction in order to avoid a collision. On top of all that, it’s easy to use. Once it’s all set up, you can pretty much leave the V7S to do its work unsupervised – you don’t even have to worry about recharging it.


In Summary

In homes which have a mixture of flooring, plus those which suffer from different types of dirtiness, this robot could be the ideal solution. Not only that, you won’t even notice when the cleaning is actually being done.

The ILIFE V7S is currently available at GearBest for $159.99. Click here to find out more.

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