Elephone P9000 to Get Android 7.0 Update

Written by Andrew Maxwell

After having negotiated impossibly bad technical support, Chinese smartphone manufacturers are rolling out devices which support Android 7.0 Nougat at a rate faster than many of the leading manufacturers. First it was the UMi Plus that ran the new beta for Android 7.0. Not to be outdone, it has quickly been joined by the Elephone P9000 in as the first Chinese smartphones to run the latest update to the operating system.

The beta firmware for Android 7.0 beta has been through numerous phases of testing, debugging and retested, until it has gotten to the point where it is ready to be used with these pioneering Chinese devices. Obviously, the operating system upgrade is still a beta version, but – all things going well – the 7.0 update will be released quite soon. One bug that has been picked up is a problem with the fingerprint function, which hasn’t been working properly. This function, along with a number of other unstable functions, will be addressed and corrected properly before the full version is made available for general use. Regardless of the actual date of the full release, it looks likely that more manufacturers will start to announce their new devices supporting the beta, in the very near future.

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