Elephone Max Goes with a Dual Camera System and Android 7.0

Written by Andrew Maxwell

Dual cameras have become quite a novelty this year, with a number of mobiles being released with them. The Elephone Max counts itself among those mobile devices which have opted to use a dual camera. While some have dismissed the feature as a gimmick, Elephone appears confident that users will realize the benefits that such a camera gives them over the standard options.

The main appeal of dual cameras is the deeper options they offer for focus. If you’ve ever taken a photo of a friend standing in front of a famous landmark, you may be familiar with photos in which your friend appears in focus, but the landmark is slightly blurred, or vice-versa. Dual cameras aim to eliminate such problems. The system used by the Elephone Max has an optical zoom which doesn’t have any moving parts. The camera’s software processes data from the second sensor , in order to produce a Bokeh effect – a better quality image in the areas which are out of focus. In this way, it produces the same effect as DSLR cameras. It measures both the depth of the object in focus, as well as the depth of field, and then blurs the background with the Bokeh effect.

Further features of the Elephone Max’s dual camera system, are its ability to improve low light levels, and to operate with reduced noise. It comes on a phone which has a larger display than any other Elephone to date – at over 5.5 inches.

The phone itself will run Android 7.0, out of the box. Other features include a rear fingerprint sensor, which can be used to switch the phone on without having to touch the home button. It is housed in a slim and attractive metal body, which gives it something of a designer chic appearance.

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