A New Glimpse of the Huawei P10

Written by Andrew Maxwell

Huawei found it had quite a hit on its hands following the release of the Huawei P9. The device’s success was a huge boost for the Chinese tech giant, and represented another step towards fending off market competition from a number of other domestic and international manufacturers. Success brings expectations with it, however, and there is serious pressure on the company to ensure that its next release – the Huawei P10 – is even more impressive.

The P9’s successor, thought to be due for release this year, needs to make improvements over a number of areas. The dual cameras, certified by Leica last year, are expected to make another appearance in the new model, as the two companies continue their partnership.

Almost eight months after the release of the P9, we’ve now been treated to some new renders of the P10, thanks to some leaked files seen on Weibo. Although the device’s release date may well still be some months away, these images already give us a good idea of what it’s going to look like.

The new flagship appears to have a bezel-free display, which will make it closer in appearance to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, as opposed to following the design trend of Huawei’s own Mate 9 Pro. The Mate 9 has a curved display, whereas Xiaomi opted for a bezel-free design with the Mi Mix. Another departure from Huawei’s own trends is in the width of the new phone’s body – it appears to be substantially thicker than the 7mm P9. The Leica cameras are on the back and it seems there is a dual LED flash, laser focus and fingerprint sensor.

The big news revealed by the leaked renders is even more exciting. The device appears to feature a secondary display on its side. At the moment, the use of such a display strip can only be speculated upon, however, it seems likely that it could be used to display connectivity, time and notifications information. Put to such use, it could see the start of a new trend in phone designs, making the P10 not only a brand flagship, but also a fashion leader.

It is important to note that the company has been silent on the new renders, and it is impossible to confirm whether they are indeed of the P10, or not. Regardless of this, the company’s marketing department will no doubt carefully be monitoring the public response and reaction.

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