Xiaomi Unveils Mi TV 4 at CES

Written by Andrew Maxwell

First there was the transition from black-and-white to color. Then there were remote controls. Then came flatscreen TVs. Now, were about to see the arrival of the frameless, ultra-thin TV. Announced just recently at the Consumer Electronics Show, Chinese tech firm Xiaomi is set to launch the Mi TV 4. This latest development is a 4K ultra-thin TV, without a frame and designed to give as user-friendly an experience as possible.

The Mi TV 4 comes with very few parts, in order to make it simple and straightforward to set up. It also introduces a new AI Asiistant, known as ‘Patch Wall’, which is there to help users negotiate the 40-plus million movies they will have access to, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of reviews they can pore over.

The Xiami Mi TV 4 will initially only be available in China – a move that will please those who want to see the Asian giant cement its place among the leading tech nations. There are, as yet, no plans announced for the TV’s release in other countries. Xiaomi itself is already a leading developer of the Internet of Things – having more than 50 million connected devices on its Mi Ecosystem, in 20 different countries.

The company’s Senior Vice President, Wang Xiang, has previously explained how this fits in with Xiaomi’s Triad Business Strategy of hardware, internet services and IoT. Vice Presedent Hugo Barra went on to say that “what makes our approach to IoT very unique is the way we incubate and invest in specialized companies that design and build these products”. The Mi Ecosystem has also involved collaboration with 77 domestic and international partners.

This network of devices is intended to be best controlled using the Mi Home app – also mentioned at the CES – which is designed to control IoT devices such as air purifiers, smart toys, TVs and so on. The Mi TV 4 will undoubtedly be a major driver of sales across the Mi Ecosystem, thanks to its impressive design, with 4.9mm, clear stand-mounted screen. This screen is actually probably thinner than the smartphone in your pocket, although it is much larger, coming in three sizes of 49, 55 and 65 inches. The biggest screen has a Dolby Atmos dimensional sound system, which bounces sound vibrations off of the walls in your home to give a full surround-sound effect – potentially saving you the cost of installing your own surround-sound system.

As mentioned, at the moment the Mi TV 4 has only been announced for sale on the Chinese market, where it can be yours for less than $2,000. If you want the surround-sound system, too, you can add another $500 onto the price tag.

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