Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro 2 Expected to Impress

Written by Andrew Maxwell

Xiaomi’s global reputation continues to grow, along with its market presence, and these trends are expected to continue after details of the company’s latest offering – the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2– were leaked online. Its most recent addition to its fleet of concept phones, the Mi Mix, was launched to widespread acclaim in the West, and the company has earned praise for its innovative additions to the market.

The Redmi Pro 2 will be the second generation of Xiaomi’s popular Redmi Pro experimental smartphone. A photo of the device, along with details of its features were prematurely released to the public by an unidentified source. These blueprints suggest that Xiaomi’s next offering will continue to impress and delight consumers. The plans indicate that the new smartphone is likely to be released in two variants – one with an impressive 6GB of RAM, and one more with 4GB. In addition to this, the 6GB model will likely offer 128GB of internal storage, with the smaller model offering 64GB of the same.

Details of the new smartphone’s onboard cameras are unclear, but it’s worth noting that its predecessor was equipped with a dual camera setup and an OLED display. While the dual camera setup may be abandoned, the leaked details do, however, show a 5.5-inch full HD display and a rear camera with a 12MP Sony IMX362 sensor.

Where the Redmi Pro 2 looks set to really impress, however, its with its processor. While the Redmi Pro ran off of a MediTek processor, its successor appears to use the Snapdragon 66x processor from Qualcomm. If this turns out to be true, the Redmi Pro 2 will be the first smartphone in the world to take advantage of Qualcomm’s impressive offering.

All this would mean that the company’s new phone will have an improved camera setup, along with an improved battery – the Redmi Pro featured a 4050mAh battery, whereas the Redmi Pro 2 looks set to be powered by a 4500mAh cell.

In terms of price, the new smartphone is expected to retail in the zone of 1599 yuan, with the 6GB RAM version being offered for 1799 yuan.

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