Gamdias Ourea Optical (Review)

Written by Adrin S

The Ourea Optical is an entry-level optical gaming mouse in the Gamdias range of high performance gaming mice. It has an ambidextrous design with 6 keys, adjustable resolution (4 increments) and a weight tuning system.

Priced at approximately $25, it offers great value for gamers who want a high performance gaming mouse that won’t burn a hole in the wallet. With that said, Gamdias hasn’t cut any corners that would jeopardize the performance and reliability of the Ourea. The main mouse buttons have a claimed life cycle of 8 million clicks and the Ourea generally feels quite well built although you don’t get premium features that you’d normally find in more expensive gaming mice.

Product Highlights
  • 4000 DPI optical sensor
  • 6 keys
  • Adjustable resolution (4 increments)
  • 4-color DPI lighting
  • Ambidextrous
  • Weight Tuning System (4 weights)
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 8 million click life cycle

Premium features such as a braided wire and customizable panels are notably missing from the Ourea. It is also not compatible with the Gamdias Hera software which can be used to customize mouse functions in its more expensive siblings. In terms of customization, what it does have is a weight tuning system that allows you to adjust the weight of the mouse to suit your gaming style.

The Ourea comes with four 5g mini weights that allow you to customize its overall weight. Users who want more inertia in the mouse can add all four weights while those who want less can remove some of the weights to achieve the right amount of inertia for their style.

Another neat feature on the Ourea that I like is the colors on the mouse wheel. There are a total of four colors — red, orange, green and light cyan. These four colors correspond to the four resolution increments on the mouse with red being the lowest and light cyan being the highest. The Ourea has a maximum resolution of 4000dpi.

To adjust the resolution, simply press the DPI button that is located behind the mouse wheel. With these different LED colors, it’s quite easy to figure out which resolution you’re at and on-the-fly resolution adjustments take only a second or two.

The top and rear parts of the Ourea have rubber coating while the left and right sides are bare plastic. This makes the Ourea reasonably comfortable to use over long periods of time. I’ve been using the Ourea for about six months and am quite happy with it although the function button on the left is a bit long and can sometimes get accidentally pressed by my thumb when I first started using it. Over time I have learnt to adapt to this.

As a gaming mouse, the Ourea performs reasonably well despite not having the bells and whistles of more expensive Gamdias gaming mice. The Ourea makes a great optical mouse for the budget conscious gamer. If you want more features, then step up to the Gamdias Erebos or Zeus which are in the $70 to $40 price range.

The Gamdias Ourea Optical can be purchased at Amazon and other major retail sites.

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  • The Hera Software does work with this mouse i have had it for over a year now and use many profiles and macros with it. You can also customize every key on it, and change any color of the spectrum for the scroll wheel. The logo however is always yellow. I blacked it out with a marker because it is too bright, sort of made it look like a spider web so it’s kind of cool. Also the sensor is only 2400dpi. It is actually the only mouse today that put the right side button in the perfect spot for me since the MS laser 6000 which i used that mouse for almost 10 years because of the right side button. I have to have it. The ourea right side button is even better for me, it’s perfect really. This is my back button and i use my right ring finger. I am right handed, but i don’t really use the left side button. I am glad it has only one button on each side too. I bought two of these mice to last a long time ( for the price of one “premium” gaming mouse, this has everything you need ) macros leds, good, decent software, weights, rubber coating, rubber cord ( much more robust than cloth ) I have over a year on first one so far and unless a better optical sensor ambi mouse comes along with buttons in the same spot like this i will be using them a long time. Sensor while not the best of the best is still pretty good. Mouse can spin out, but not by slamming it, i haven’t figured it out but it’s almost like when i accidentally press the mouse wheel down and a combination of another button. It’s rare that it happens in fact i think it hasn’t happened since a firmware update actually which can be directly flashed from the Hera software if your mouse does not have it out of the box. Hera only needs to be downloaded, Works with all Gamdias products as far as i know.

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