Anti-Blue Sunglasses Offer Hope for Gamers’ Eyesight

Written by Andrew Maxwell

Unless you’re blind, a mafioso or an A-list celebrity, the chances are you think better than wearing sunglasses when indoors. Sunglasses are so named because they are designed to protect our eyes from the sun. That was, until a few months ago.

Xiaomi, under the crowdfunded MIJIA sub-brand, released its latest version of anti-blue sunglasses, which make use of next generation nano material to neutralize the penetration of ultra-violet light. The yellow material offers three levels of protection to the human eye and, yes, they do protect your eyes from sunlight.

More interesting, however, is the fact that they also offer protection from harmful rays from screens, which can cause damage to the eye after continued long periods of exposure. This is good news for anyone who spends long periods staring at screens in otherwise dark surroundings – from naval submarine comms operatives to programmers and gaming enthusiasts.

The lightweight frame weighs a mere 7.5 grams, yet Xiaomi claims they are more than adequate when it comes to durability. As they hit the market at a snip – they can be bought for less than $50 – it surely won’t be long until wearing sunglasses indoors becomes somewhat normal.

The glasses are available at Banggood for $49.99 with international shipping.

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