Huawei’s New Honor AP08Q 10000mAh Power Bank

Written by Andrew Maxwell

During Huawei’s launch event for its new P10 and P10+ products not too long ago, the company also announced the release of a new Honor 10,000mAh power bank. This offering from the Chinese tech firm is manufactured from aluminum, offers added durability, and features fast charging support and a sleek design.

Huawei’s pride in its power bank offering is also not concealed, as a stylish number 10 is engraved on its top – presumably to represent the 10K mAh it offers. The reasons to be impressed, however, don’t stop there. It can charge at a rate of 4.5V per 2A 22W and is designed to give complete protection from overheating, short-circuiting and explosions.

It also features USB type-C compatibility, and is able to charge a whole range of phones from 0% to maxed out in just 30 minutes. Not only that, the impressive power bank can charge itself at the same rate.

The Honor power bank is currently available at Banggood in black or white for just $37.99.

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