New Meizu Flow to Be Available for $89

Written by Adrin S

Meizu recently unveiled its latest pair of designer earphones alongside the release of its new Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus smartphones. The Flow is a collaboration between Meizu and renowned Japanese product designer Kosho Tsuboi. A product that gets the aesthetic touch of a designer like Tsuboi is bound to stand out from the rest and the Flow definitely looks the part of a high-end designer masterpiece.

Based on official product photos, the Flow does live up to its name with graceful organic curves and lines that seem to “flow” beautifully over the two earpieces. But the Flow isn’t just a pretty pair of earphones, it’s got some seriously impressive audio capabilities as well, at least on paper. Inside is a three-driver design with one dynamic driver to handle bass and low frequencies and two balanced armatures for mid and high frequencies.

The Flow also comes with 6 pairs of ear buds in different sizes, a small carrying case and a gold-plated connector jack.

To tune the Flow’s audio performance to perfection, Meizu turned to the Chinese Academy of Science’s Institute of Acoustics. With that kind of effort being put into its design, it would be very interesting to see how the Flow stacks up against other hybrid earphones with multiple drivers such as Knowledge Zenith’s ZS5 and ZST.

Meizu is expected to sell the Flow for $89. Now that’s a pretty reasonable price to pay for a pair of designer earphones with a 3-driver design though I feel the Flow would definitely face stiff competition from KZ’s latest ZS5 which sells for just $25 shipped. Buyers who purchase the new Meizu Pro 7 or Pro 7 Plus will be entitled to get it at a discounted price of $74. That’s not too bad a price for a Kosho Tsuboi masterpiece.

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