Huawei Welcomes the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Written by Adrin S

We have all seen it coming. Whether in I, Robot or even A.I. Artificial Intelligence, we cannot escape the advancement of tech in our human lives. In real life, we have seen robotic arms whipping up a meal just as delicious as if it’s from a 5-star chef. It probably is, and we owe it all to a tiny chip.

Recently, Huawei, a brand that is no longer foreign to us, is stepping into the new technology era by announcing its plans to release a new artificial intelligence chip this fall. The announcement was made by the company’s CEO of Consumer Business Richard Yu during a press conference where he praised the performance for the first half of the year and revealed the plans for the second half of the year. In line with his announcement, he mentioned that the company will stop producing low-end budget smartphones and instead will focus on premium high-end devices.

“In this era, the collaborative intelligent experience of the end + cloud + chip is very important.” ~Richard Yu, Huawei CEO of Consumer Business

Huawei boasted a record profit of 20.6% growth in shipment over last year’s first-half figures which translated to 105.4 billion Yuan. The Huawei CEO also revealed that the company’s priority is Europe, China and Japan where the economy is healthy and people are able to buy the premium models.

What will the new artificial intelligence chip bring us? We will just have to wait with bated breath this fall.

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