Samsung Unveils New HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset

Written by Adrin S

Samsung has just unveiled its new HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality (MR) headset at an event in San Francisco. The Odyssey is priced at $499 making it the priciest of the latest MR headsets that were released recently. Both the Dell Visor and HP MR which were released recently sell for $449 while Acer and Lenovo Explorer are more affordable at $399. So does the Odyssey live up to its premium price tag? Looking at its spec sheet, the answer is probably a yes.

For a start, it has dual OLED displays that give a combined resolution of 2880 x 1660. This is a lot more superior compared to the single LCD displays of the other cheaper headsets mentioned above which offer resolutions of 1440 x 1440. With that said, Samsung has obviously taken design cues from brands such as FatShark that make FPV (First Person View) goggles for drone racing. FatShark goggles are typically dual-display goggles that offer a more immersive FPV experience compared to single monitor headsets.

The Odyssey also offers a wider field of view (FOV) at 110 degrees compared to the 105 degrees on the cheaper headsets. 5 degrees isn’t much but it should be somewhat noticeable. Another key feature are the Odyssey’s built-in AKG headphones and dual microphones. With the cheaper headsets, you’ll need to plug in your own headphones and microphones. The Odyssey comes with a pair of motion controllers and is currently available for pre-order. Shipping is expected to start in early November, just in time for the holiday season.

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