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Google Pixel Buds Literarily Puts Google Translate Into Your Ears

Written by Adrin S

When Google released its new Pixel 2 smartphones recently, it also unveiled a pair of wireless earphones meant to be used with its new smartphones. Aptly named Pixel Buds, they look just like any other wireless earphones out there but there’s one feature that sets them apart from the rest — the Buds have built-in Google Assistant integration. This means you can use the Pixel Buds to help in real-time translation in 40 different languages.

To use this feature, simply tap and hold the right ear bud to bring up Assistant. Once it’s on, you can ask Assistant to help translate whatever you’re saying into the language of your choice. For example, you can ask it to translate whatever you’re saying in English into Italian. Your translated words will then be projected from your smartphone’s speakers. It can also work the other way round and can translate the words of the person you’re speaking to into a language of your choice.

Pixel Buds certainly makes using Google Translate a lot easier to use. Imagine going into a shop in some foreign country that mostly speaks a language that you’re not familiar with and attempting to use Google Translate on your smartphone or tablet as you enquire the details of a particular product. It does seem to be a bit of a hassle. With Pixel Buds, the whole process of using Google Translate becomes a lot simpler with the press of a button.

However, do not expect perfect translations all the time since Google Translate is an AI service that is still evolving. Some languages have different grammar and phonetics from other languages which can create a lot of inaccuracies in translations. Nevertheless, Google Pixel Buds and other earphones that feature integrated translation features are a good step forward to breaking down the language barrier.

Besides translating languages, the Pixel Buds can also be used for all other features that Assistant has. For example, you can ask Assistant what time it is or about the weather forecast. The Google Pixel Buds are currently available in Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue to match the color theme of the new Pixel 2 smartphones. They are expected to sell for $159 beginning this November.

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