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10 Best Accessories for KZ Z-Series Earphones

Written by Adrin S

Knowledge Zenith’s Z-series earphones offer great audio performance and value in their original form. Here is a list of 10 accessories that suit any Z-series earphones. If you want the best satisfaction out of your KZ products, these accessories are worth checking out. The best thing about these accessories is — they’re so affordable, you can actually buy a few of them without burning a hole in your wallet.

Some of the items in this list, such as the KZ earphone cases, KZ ear buds and silver-plated wires were kindly sponsored by GearBest so be sure to check them out for similar accessories.

KZ PP Hard Case ($1.79)

The Z-series earphones generally feature larger than normal casings which means you’ll have a hard time fitting them into cases or pouches designed for more conventional earphones. To make matters worse, the over-the-ear wires on models such as the ZS6 and ZS5 take up some space themselves.

I personally own a KZ PP case and find that it is spacious enough to keep a pair of Z-series earphones plus other accessories such as a mini amplifier and ear buds. It is the largest case in this list and features two latches that secure the case for storage. It’s also made of shock-proof plastic that does a great job in protecting stuff inside.

This case can be bought at GearBest for $1.79.

KZ EVA Case ($1.29)

If you find the KZ PP too big and need a smaller case, the KZ EVA may just be the right one for you. This compact case is large enough to store a pair of Z-series earphones plus a few smaller accessories such as a few pairs of ear buds which can be stored in the mini mesh pocket.

It’s made of shock-proof polyurethane that gives excellent resistance to moisture and impact. There is also a zipper that helps keep the elements out. I find my KZ EVA a very practical solution in storing my earphones when on the move.

For just $1.29, you can get this case at GearBest.

KZ 2-pin 0.75mm Braided Silver-plated Wires ($5.99)

This one’s a must if you consider yourself a true blue audiophile. The KZ 2-pin silver-plated wires are compatible with all Z-series earphones that feature the 2-pin 0.75mm connectors. If you’ve damaged your original wires or are looking to upgrade your earphones to better wires for improved audio quality, these silver-plated wires are worth checking out.

These wires feature four strands with each strand consisting of 25 silver-plated cores which is more than what you’d get on other earphone wires. This 25-core silver-plated design gives these wires a low internal resistance of just 0.4 Ohms. This is a lot lower than conventional wires that usually have resistance values of 2 to 4 Ohms.

The strands are hand-woven and feature kevlar insulation for durability. I find that using them over the original wires gives a noticeable increase in audio quality.

There are, however, some issues with these wires. Although they work fine with the ZST and ZS3, I discovered that the pins cannot be attached securely to the ZS6 and ZS5. It’s not impossible to attach these wires to these two earphones but the pins just detach too easily.

These KZ silver-plated wires are available for $5.99 shipped. Click here for more details.

New Bee Ear Buds Set ($3.92)

One of the first things you’ll need to upgrade with any Z-series earphones are the ear buds. The original silicone ear buds that come with these earphones are simply too soft and offer poor sound insulation. Upgrading them is a cheap and easy way to get better performance out of your KZs.

If you want a set of ear buds that has both silicone and memory foam ear buds for better audio performance, the New Bee Ear Buds Set is worth considering. With this set you get a total of three pairs of silicone buds and another three pairs of memory foam buds, all in different sizes. You even get a nice transparent casing to store all these buds.

The New Bee ear buds are compatible with nozzle sizes of 4.56mm to 5mm and come in black, gray/black and red/black color combos. This set is available for $3.92 shipped. Click here for more details.

KZ Memory Foam Ear Buds ($1.58)

If you need some cheap memory foam ear buds that offer plenty of value, these buds from KZ may just fit the bill. They cost less than $2 shipped and come in three pairs of sizes. These KZ buds offer decent insulation and comfort but I find that they don’t sit attached to the nozzles well and tend to slip off easily. I’ve tested these buds on all four Z-series earphones that I own — the ZS3, ZST, ZS5 and ZS6 and the buds slip off easily on all of them.

Nevertheless, they make some pretty decent buds if you can find a DIY solution to keeping them attached to the earphone nozzles.

The KZ memory foam buds are available at GearBest for $1.58.

KZ Bluetooth Module ($6.99)

Wires are not for everyone and for those who want to go wireless with their Z-series earphones, there is the KZ Bluetooth Module. Simply detach the original 2-pin wires and attach this module to any Z-series earphones to make them wireless.

The unit is very compact, has its own built-in battery and is so light you’ll hardly notice it when you have your earphones on. Operating the module is fairly simple and it features only three buttons — power on/off (play/pause), volume up (next track) and volume down (previous track). The built-in 60mAh battery gives about 3 to 4 hours of use. It also features audio cues that tell you what function has been activated.

Like the KZ 2-pin silver-plated wires mentioned earlier, this module also suffers from the same problem of not being able to attach properly onto the ZS5 and ZS6. However, I find that it attaches quite securely to the ZS3 and ZST.

The KZ Bluetooth module is available for $6.99 shipped. Click here for more details.

GGMM A1 Mini Amplifier ($37.99)

Certain Android smart devices may have weak audio outputs that need amplification and the GGMM A1 is a neat mini amplifier for improving audio signals from such devices. It is compatible with any Android device that supports USB OTG.

This means the A1 amplifies the device’s audio signal while it is still in digital form before converting it into an analog signal for your earphones — clearly a better way of amplifying audio signals compared to other mini amplifiers that amplify audio signals in analog form.

The A1 is available for $37.99 shipped. Click here for more details.

If your Android device doesn’t support USB OTG, then you can get one of those analog mini amplifiers such as the Mini 3.5mm Amplifier which costs about $11.94. I’ve been using this no-brand amplifier for a few months now and find it to be a reasonably good mini amplifier. It is about the same size and weight as the A1 but lacks the three control buttons.

BW-107 Bluetooth Sharing Hub ($25.91)

Although Bluetooth has been around for quite some time, Bluetooth devices simply cannot pair with more than one earphone or headphone. In other words, it’s simply not possible for two individuals, each with their own Bluetooth headphone to watch a movie on a single device with both headphones paired to the device at the same time.

To get around this problem, there is the BW-107 Bluetooth Sharing Hub which lets you share the audio output of a single device to three Bluetooth headphones. The BW-107 has a working time of about 4 to 5 hours and a transmission range of 5 to 8 meters. It’s also so small and light, you can even use it outdoors.

The BW-107 is available for $25.91. Click here for more details.

Merbau Solid Wood Holder ($13.57)

The Merbau Solid Wood Holder is a neat tool to have if you own several pairs of earphones and want them to be easily accessible on your desk. Made out of merbau wood, this holder is nice to have if you want to add a slightly rustic touch to your space.

The holder featured here can hold up to two pairs of earphones. There is also another version that holds a single pair and another bigger version that holds up to four pairs of earphones. There is even a version that was designed to hold a single headphone.

This wood holder is available for $13.57 shipped. Click here for more details.

Topping NX3 Mini Amplifier ($59.85)

The Topping NX3 Mini Amplifier is a must-have device for the audiophile on the go. It is fairly compact and light yet offers decent performance and a nice set of features usually not found on smaller mini amplifiers.

It has a button for bass increase and another for signal gain. It even has a knob for volume control. The NX3 is available in a black or silver aluminum casing. Its built-in battery provides for a class-leading 25 hours of use.

The NX3 is available for $59.85 shipped. Click here for more details.

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