Slow iPhone? Apple May Have Betrayed You

Written by Adrin S

So the rumors that have been circulating for about a year now are true after all — Apple has indeed been throttling back old iPhones so they’re less powerful and as a result end up being a bit slower. The tech giant admitted last week that it had been doing this for some time.

While proponents of the rumors claim that Apple has been secretly doing so to encourage owners of old iPhones to upgrade to newer ones, Apple claims it was done to reduce the power demands of older iPhones which normally have ageing batteries that do not perform as they used to when they were new.

In a response to a recent AFP inquiry, an Apple spokesperson had this to say:

Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices.

The spokesperson went on to add that older lithium ion batteries become less capable of efficiently supplying the device with power in cold conditions and have a lower battery charge which can result in the device shutting down unexpectedly.

Apple claimed that some time last year, it had rolled out a feature for the iPhone 6 to “smoothen out” sudden increases in power demand which directly impacted the device’s performance in a negative way. The company claimed that the feature was introduced to prevent the iPhone 6 from shutting down suddenly due to a weak battery or cold operating temperatures.

The feature, which throttles back the iPhone’s 6 performance to save battery power, has also been extended to the iPhone 7 and is expected to be featured in future Apple smart devices.

For iPhone 6 users who do not want their devices to be intentionally slowed down due to an old battery, changing to a new battery would solve the problem. A new battery for the iPhone 6 typically costs $79 which is not too bad a price to pay to keep the device in peak performance.

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